Video shows Louisa High School as earthquake hit

Newly-released surveillance video shows the moment of the Louisa County-centered earthquake. And like a modern-day Rudy Giuliani, who famously moved amid the wreckage of 9/11, the superintendent of the Louisa County Public Schools, Dr. Deborah Pettit, can be seen inside the high school during the earthquake. The footage shows her (in white hair) helping to evacuate students from the damaged building.

Meanwhile, the County has released an update on property damage which shows just over $70 million in total:

  • Public school structures: $57.5 million.
  • Residences:  $11.5 million.
  • Religious structures: $400,000.
  • Commercial structures:  $400,000. 
  • Government structures: $500,000.


Update (released 9/2/11):

  • $63.8 million in damages to public school structures
  • $12.8 million in damages to residential structures
  • $475,000 in damages to religious structures
  • $1 million in damages to commercial structures
  • $690,000 in damages to government structures (includes Louisa County, Town of Louisa, and Town of Mineral)
  • $250,000 in damages to Louisa County Water Authority structures


No wonder she was scared. I guess future school buildings and future nuclear plants will be built to withstand an even larger quake.

If the federal government's disaster relief does not cover this cost then I will feel they have failed to preform an important function of a democratic society, founded on the principle of public education.

The drop ceiling is a mess but not part of the building structure. I still haven't seen any details on actual structural damage.