Hardee's hoodlums? Five arrested for strong arm robbery

The Albemarle County Police have arrested five men in connection with an alleged attempted strong-arm robbery that took place at the Hardeeā€™s in the Pantops Shopping Center on August 30. All are being held without bond at the Albemarle/Charlottesville Regional Jail.

This is the case in which the men were not alleged to be robbing the business, but just a patron– a patron fighting back with pepper spray.

The men charged are Joe Thompson, 33, with no fixed address; Steven Caldwell, 30, with no fixed address; Gregory Woodson, 26 of Charlottesville; William Johnson II, 30, with no fixed address; and John Jordan, 46, with no fixed address. All have all been charged with robbery.

The Albemarle County Police encourage anyone who may have witnessed this incident to contact the Police Department at 434-296-5807 or Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000.


its a wine-o posse! good grief

"Just" a patron??? Should've worded that a little different!

a FINE looking crew,no doubt!

looser to me. haha fukes got no real crib. cant africun up in real.

OMG! It was black people?!? I would have never guessed. Shocker!

The presence of dreck like this is one of the reasons why Charlottesville just doesn't measure up as a "world class city". It is what it is.

OMG? Black People? Yo nightmare beech?

actually, seeing the alleged perps on Newsplex last evening, it was a diverse group of "no fixed address" people. Heartwarming.

More like this are coming to the City everyday to use the services of The Haven. Just ask around. More are coming everyday from all over the East Coast. Oh and by the way, one of these fools is among those who is suing the City over the panhandling ordinance. The City had better tighten up on this before it's too late. These drones take the free trolley all over town. People are getting severely pissed with all the panhandling and aggressive behavior. MANY people I know go to Waynesboro or Short Pump to shop..seriously. Between the stupid pols who can't decide on roads for 40 years and the ensuing traffic BS, and the welcoming of dregs, Charlottesville is getting nearly unbearable.

@ Thank You Dave Norris

You must not have lived anywhere truly unbearable, I take it. :D

Though I'm with you on the homeless people loafing about and how something needs to be done, and that's it's probably due to the Haven. I used to get on here and defend them, saying I've never felt physically threatened by any of them. And while that's still technically the case, I've now had several non-threatening but still very annoying run-ins with them, where they felt the need to verbally harass me as I walked past them, minding my own business. They were in a large group, loafing about on benches and sitting on the actual ground, obviously with nothing better to do while the rest of us hustled and bustled past on the way to our jobs. Probably because they were in a group situation, it led to some feeling a bit cocksure you could say, wanting to show off and strut their stuff.

I don't care if people want to panhandle, whatever, the rest of us can choose to ignore them and not give. But I do have a problem with verbally harassing innocent females because a guy is angry and bitter and full of cocksure bravado, wanting to show off for his homeless ragamuffin gang. I now look at most of these people as pathetic, whereas before I had sympathy, and it's solely because of these verbal harassment run ins where they acted like total clowns. Had they kept their mouths shut I'd probably still be defending their right to be out there. Now, I want them gone.

Another reason not to eat fast food

Bad homeless people from all over America (North and South) are coming to Charlottsville! The word on the skreet is: This is an easy town to take stuff from the pathetic locals. Everybody in this town is a liberal! They let homeless people bother real folks and get sue money for being shiftless. It aint right

Lol Chico not even smart enough to look at all the pictures.

I moved to this great town a year and a half ago. Within 3 days I found a full time job that I worked for a year. For all but 4 months of that time I was homeless. I left town for a month (for a roadtrip that didn't work) and found within just a little time of coming back, another great full time job (was still homeless) where I now am the assistant manager at a local pizza chain. I never had or wanted to beg, I worked! While on the streets, I used the Haven to get washed and do my laundry. I hated going there as 90% of the 'guests' were drunk or high all day long. They would just sit there or sleep off hangovers. I sometimes had to go to work without a bath or clean clothes because the other 'guests' had messed up in some way and all had to pay for it. Last winter, I slept in a wet and sometimes frozen tent because I worked and people who didn't work, didn't want to work and for the most part weren't sober, filled all the beds at Pacem. A hour ago, I couldn't even use the internet at the library to write this comment because of all of the homeless bums! Most days I don't even get to use them at all... The Haven and the bums must GO!

As usual, commenters have strayed off the subject to disturbingly broad and baseless statements about the homeless in general. This group of idiots certainly deserves the full extent of whatever the law throws at them for this stupid and scary robbery attempt. I don't want 'em in my community, either, but to throw ALL of this community's homeless in the same pool - now, that ain't right. Most homeless people in this community who use The Haven, PACEM, Sally, and the soup kitchens are just freakin' poor. That's their only issue - they don't behave badly, they don't panhandle, they don't harass. They work hard to make changes in their lives and need our support & compassion. Making such ridiculous generalizations about the homeless is like saying all UVA students are drunk, rich frat boys who catcall women from their frathouse balconies or are lacrosse-players who kill their girlfriends.

Fortunately it happens in Virginia where pepper spray is legal............or the customer would be defending themselves in court too........

I bet this was a promotional stunt for Five Guys.