Legendary Coupe's getting new owners

Looks like the owners of Trinity Irish Pub on the Corner will be purchasing Elliewood Avenue institution Coupe De Ville's, which has been around for nearly 30 years.

"It's one of the most unique and eclectic restaurants in Charlottesville," says Trinity's Ryan Rooney, "and we just want to try and carry on that same vibe and character the best we can." Indeed, Rolling Stone Magazine named it one of America's three legendary college bars in 2001 and called Coupe's "the only fun reason to go to collegeā€ in Virginia.

Indeed, for UVA kids wanting to blow off some steam, crowding (literally) into its notorious basement space for cheap drink specials and the latest tunes from local rockers, the place has been a magney for mayhem.

Rooney says people shouldn't expect any major changes to the building or decor beyond some small updates.

"The only real changes I would look for will be a revamping of the menu and kitchen," he says.

As for Coupe's storied music scene, Rooney says they want to keep that intact.

"Hopefully, all the acts currently playing there are looking forward to playing after we take ownership," he says. "We hope to reach out to all of the bands and booking agents when the time is appropriate."


My homeys are eclectic.

as long as they keep letting the kids drink underage... :)

What the hell was Rolling Stone smoking?

Trinity would destroy Coupe's...if they takeover consider me and a bunch of other regulars gone.