Where were you when the earthquake hit?

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I was in WalMart. Someone asked if a plane was landing on the building. I said...nope....its an earthquake. All we could do was stand there and wait until it passed as there isn't anything to get under and the doors are automatic ones. Just glad it wasn't more serious and no lives were lost.

I was watching the dolphin show at the Baltimore Aquarium. The shaking came in loud and clear; but truth be told, I thought it was a combination of enthusiastic dolphins diving in and out of the water and the "4D" show that we would be going to see.

Ya boi was at his cubicle surfin da net. Damn near soiled my drawers mane

Near the epicenter. I thought it was thunder (in a clear blue sky) at first but the vibration and shaking soon let me know it wasn't thunder. Shelves swayed, stuff fell off tables, seemed like forever.

Went outside and stayed there for a good while. The aftershocks came every 40 minutes or so, they sounded like thunder deep underground. I could actually point to where they were, and that was indeed the direction of the epicenter.

I was in my house on Yanceyville Rd (State Rt. 646). I thought my son's dad was under the house trying to fix something. Next I thought "He's blowing up the house!" Ran outside after grabbing the essentials of life: laptop, USB air card, two pairs of glasses and cell phone. My son was in the yard. Found him, found out that his dad was not blowing up the house after all. It sounded like a gigantic earth-sized washing machine gone off balance. In between WHAMs at our place, we could hear a booming sound like explosions from further down the fault line. We are about 1.2 miles from the epicenter.