Tech a go-go: Hokies looking to jump to SEC?

With UVA’s first game staring us in the face, I was set to address Bowl game hopes (there apparently are some), probabilities of beating Virginia Tech (a Tech fan made me swear not to tell he believes this is Virginia’s year), and the rather unsettling rumor that Virginia's Mike London is a better coach than Tech's Frank Beamer (the same Tech fan brought up that one of his own accord). I was prepared to break it all down and make my own call, but an offhand remark by radio sportscaster Dan Patrick brought my plans to a screeching halt.

Is Virginia Tech going to leave the ACC?

According to Patrick, Virginia Tech would be the perfect 14th team for the SEC. With the addition of Texas A&M, they need another team in the East; and Tech would bring a strong competitive program– and more importantly, a huge fan following with an expanded TV market.

Jim Weaver, Tech’s athletic director, told the Newport Daily Press that the Hokies are happy where they are and have “no interest in any discussion concerning affiliation with any conference other than the ACC.” Sure, and Ken Cuccinelli won’t throw over being Attorney General to run for governor. Tell me another one.

Those who breathe the rarified air of D-I athletics aren’t known for telling the absolute truth. If talk of Virginia Tech’s secession has reached national radio, chances are that dog is going to hunt. West Virginia and Clemson have been mentioned too, but neither would be as valuable an SEC asset as Virginia Tech.

When Weaver said, “The ACC is the best fit for Virginia Tech,” he meant it’s a conference Tech can dominate, but the ACC is more of a hindrance for the Hokies. There’s not much football glory to be had in the ACC, and if Tech wants to compete on the national stage (any fan will assure you they’ve been repeatedly robbed of that opportunity), they’re going to have get while the getting is good. And right now the getting is better than good.

If Tech does join the SEC, their immediate reality would be vastly different from the cushy position they have held these past seven years. Years of crushing Duke, Wake Forest– and yes, Virginia– doesn’t exactly prepare a team for Georgia, Alabama, LSU, and Auburn. Jim Weaver can’t be ignorant of that and neither can Frank Beamer.

Leaving the ACC would expose Tech’s weaknesses and undoubtedly elicit more than a few whimpers. Still, the SEC can offer Virginia Tech far more exposure and opportunities than the ACC can, so despite Jim Weaver’s protestations, you can bet Blacksburg is plenty interested in jumping ship.

What then for the ACC? Right now the conference is nicely rounded out with twelve teams and two major rivalries (Tech and Virginia, UNC and Duke). With its ranks and reputation diminished, it’s more likely the ACC would lose another team (Boston College, anyone? They never fit in anyway) than woo another football powerhouse. As loath as I am to admit that Virginia Tech is the only school that lends viability to ACC football, I must. Without Tech, ACC football is about as formidable as baseball's AL Central.

Many ACC teams would happily give Tech a pat on the rump on its way out. Tech’s exit would spare many future whippings– but would also remove any chance for football glory other ACC schools may have had. So if a certain someone is right, and UVA has a chance of beating Tech this year, please Virginia, go ahead and do it while an ACC title still means at least a little something.
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I thought this story was put to rest days ago with the SEC saying it didnt want any ACC junk.

Tech fans talk constantly about how they don't get the national attention they deserve or that they are always taken lightly...the reason ISN'T the ACC. Its because the choke on the national stage...Boise State, BC, losing to JMU...the plain fact is that Tech just can't win the big game. They were given a chance in 1999 after the undefeated regular season (when they were part of the lowly Big East, mind you) and lost (to none other than an ACC team). I've lived in Blacksburg and trust me there's a lot of support for the team, and the town is much more "ate up" with Hokie football than Charlottesville is with its 'Hoos but give me a break. The SEC would be better off by trimming a few of its bottom dwellers (Vandy, Miss St) than adding Tech. Plus, Tech is a natural fit in one of the better (not best) football conferences (at least they're not in the Big East anymore!)

If Tech were to move to the SEC, they would lose all credibility in college football. First, they had to beg West Virginia and Syracuse to get into the Big East. Then Weaver pledged they would never leave the Big East in front of all the AD's in the league, only to bolt to the ACC a week later (a league that UVA got them into). Now they are talking about moving to the SEC?

The ACC without VTech would be about as relevant as...well....ACC with VTech! VTech is a perennial 7-4 team with an SEC schedule....

Let me get this straight. Juanita Giles thinks Virginia Tech's football program and television market would make it a valuable asset to the SEC??!! You have GOT to be kidding me!! This is possibly the dumbest "sports" article I have ever read (at least since the last Juanita Giles article I had the misfortune to stumble across).

I suppose if the SEC were only interested in gigantic, state schools indistinguishable from one another due to their massive enrollments and lackluster academic programs, then there might be something to these rumors. However, contrary to Ms. Giles' misinformed opinion, the SEC is not a one sport conference. Sure, football is king in the SEC, but aside from football, Tech brings ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in terms of athletics to the table. Once Frank Beamer retires in a few short years, there is no reason to believe that VPI will even be able to retain its current gridiron status. And I doubt very seriously that the honchos in the SEC give a hairy pimple on a rat's backside about the Southwest Virginia television market!

In fact, Virginia Tech is a drag on its ACC neighbors for the very same reasons that the SEC would never want them. Bad sports (outside of football), bad academics, bad location. If the SEC wants VPI (and they don't), I say don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out! And take Miami with you!

And for God's sake, Hawes, hire a sportswriter who has a freaking clue about sports!

Is that a joke See Ya? VT taps into the Washington DC market which is where all the alumni go. That also happens to be the 7th largest television market in the US. And a one sport school? How about Football, Wrestling, Track, Volleyball, Softball all nationally ranked. Soccer was in the final four a couple of years ago, and the Basketball team has been on the rise for the past couple of years. As for Bad Academics, VT is ranked higher than 7 of the 12 SEC schools. Massive enrollements? VT is only about 32K students. Maybe you should go do some research before jumping to conclusions about a school you know nothing about.

Let me see if I get this, The Hokies now want to go mto the sec HMMMM, Wonder if they get Gov. McDonell to call the SEC and "Reason" with them to let Va.Tech in as they did with the ACC when Va. had the last vote as to whether they got in the acc. I HOPE they go to trhe SEC so the EVERYONE can see how bad they really are. WHO have you ever beaten that was ranked higher than you???? LSU in what 2003??? WOW you lose to a FCS team AT HOME last year, College game day thinks you're underrated at #13 WTFE. SOOOOOO tired of ESPN sucking on Beamers Turkey Nec

Learn the Facts........Lets see, VT was founded in 1872 right ????? Youve never won a National Championship in ANY team sport....Being 'On the rise " thats BULLSH&^%T, The Hokies DONOT deserve ANY of the National attention they garner. Youve had 1 person that made everyone look at Tech and NOW hes a FELON !!!!!! Thats a school I want MY kids to go to

I heard a radio spot the other day offering $18.00 uva football tickets. You have to stay relevant. You can't let it get to that point.

@See Ya learn the facts,

Please. Alumni of SEC schools don't also go to DC? You make a better argument for WVU than vippiesue. At least West Virginia football tradition goes back further than their current head coach. And VT basketball can't hold WVU's jockstrap.

When was the last time a team from Virginia Tech won a national championship in ANYTHING other than, ahem, bass fishing?

"As for Bad Academics, VT is ranked higher than 7 of the 12 SEC schools."
You're bragging about that??!! Priceless. Way to aim high.

ONLY 32K students? That's the biggest in the Commonwealth chief (other than maybe Liberty, who takes anybody with a pulse and counts anybody who ever took an online course though LU as part of their enrollment) and one of the biggest in the ACC.

Like I said, don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.

If VT doesn't play in Charlottesville once every two years who will buy all the tickets to the tgiving weekend game?

hook reader,Who cares as long as the A$$HOLE Hokie fans arent in charlottesville.
VT is like the runny nosed 8 year old that demands a trophy just for showing up

Either dey stay, or dey go - but dem Wahoos still gon be AWFUL mane

Why does Hawes Spencer allow garbage like this in The Hook?? Not only is the article littered with inaccuracies, but this topic is stale and no longer relevant. Virginia Tech and the SEC have both indicated there is no interest in a conference switch. That story was all over the national networks last week. Frankly speaking, Juanita Giles' sports articles are the worst part of The Hook. I have grown to enjoy this publication over the years, but Miss Giles lacks credibility, intelligence and sports acumen. Please get her out of this publication, or your readers will continue to lambast The Hook, its editor, its board and otherwise talented editorial staff. Articles like this impact the credibility and integrity of this publication. Remember, one bad apple will spoil the rest of the barrel. Miss Giles is that bad apple. Please don't recycle old news that is no longer relevant ever again!!!

Things would have been so different if Ahmad Bradshaw had not ended up at Marshall.

The articles are obviously slanted to support the majority opinions of the sports culture around Cville and the content reflects this.

This conversation needs to be taken to the sabre.

Even Sonny Randall thinks this is old news. Stick to articles on Bob Fenwick

This article is old news. Plus, why would you run an article about the Hookies in a rival town? I guess only to get angry comments that only fuel the reason why both schools hate each other. Neither football program is perfect. BetheHero: UVA in the last five years has had multiple players end up in the court room and thrown out of school. Not sure if I want my kids attending UVA where boyfriends brutally murder their girlfriend.

It is all relative people. Keep it in perspective.

"ONLY 32K students? That's the biggest in the Commonwealth chief (other than maybe Liberty, who takes anybody with a pulse and counts anybody who ever took an online course though LU as part of their enrollment) and one of the biggest in the ACC"

Actually it is not the largest school in VA. Both GMU and VCU are larger and UVA isn't far behind VT in total enrollment. Liberty has fewer than 10,000 students which makes it the largest private school in the state but nowhere near the largest overall.

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and would do well to stop posting before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

As a fan and grad, I do not want to see VT move to the SEC. I think it's a bad fit, all-around. But, it's way more guaranteed money than the school currently receives as an ACC member, which will make it an attractive option to the administration (Obvs). It would be for UVA, as well. Unfortunately, the 'Hoos haven't been successful enough in recent years for that to be an option. Thus, the jealousy...


Actually Zippy, VPI IS the largest in the state in terms of undergraduate enrollment. GMU's and VCU's total enrollment numbers are vastly inflated due to the high number of continuing education/adult education/commuter programs that they offer by virtue of their proximity to large metropolitan areas. And UVA's undergrad enrollment would have to be boosted by another third to catch up with VPI. See for yourself peckerwood.

I suppose I WAS comparing apples to oranges by including Liberty. However, I knew that Wikipedia lists Liberty as one of the largest private universities in the country with total enrollment above 45,000 (a freakish number which includes online courses), and I did not want some jack-leg like yourself throwing Liberty back at me to refute my completely valid point.

Suck it.

Prior to joining the ACC, Virginia Tech was like the spoiled, ugly, little fat girl that nobody wanted to take to the prom. Faced with that unpleasant prospect, she went crying to her daddy (Mark Warner), who strong-armed the quarterback of the football team into asking her to be his date (joining the ACC), and thereby granting her the mantle of popularity (respectability).

Based on the legacy of that forced coupling, along with years of bulimia and plastic surgeries, that fat, ugly little girl who nobody wanted to take to the prom now thinks she’s the queen bee whose poop doesn’t stink. The truth is that even though she is not quite so fat and ugly anymore, she remains the spoiled little brat that nobody wants to be around - not even the SEC. Of course, SHE thinks it is because everyone else is SO jealous of her.

I see you can't come up with valid points so you need to resort to name calling. When looking at enrollment numbers (which I do for a living) you count all students, grad and undergrad, so Tech would not be the largest. If you meant undergraduate only you should have specified.

Since you seem to be unable to communicate with civility (which is not uncommon when dealing with UVA supporters) I don't expect critical thinking to be one of your strong suits.

What do the other sports matter?! A school like Texas pulls in more revenue from one game than basketball powerhouse Duke does for about 90% of their season! FOOTBALL MATTERS!!! I can't believe Tech is taking $hnit from WVA and UVA... You complain about VT in the Big East, y'all couldn't win that conference! You complain about the ACC, win, then put Tech down. You all need to try winning!!! 7 years in a row, 10 or more wins! I don't care that you have a better snooker team, or a better backgammon club... Where do you think the lacrosse sticks come from? Where do you think the new balls and hoops come from?! Football television, gate, and bowl money! Shut it!!!


Since you were the first to throw down the gauntlet of namecalling, you can climb right down off of that sanctimonious high horse you're on, buddyro. I made plenty of valid points if you bothered to follow the links. Yes, I should have specified undergraduate enrollment (Remember where I said the thing earlier about comparing apples and oranges? That was me capitulating that point already. Try to keep up.), but in fairness, I was responding to a number thrown out by a fellow Hokie troglodyte of yours that I knew to be higher than that of any other school in the state.

Nobody gives a fiddlers fart what you do for a living, so we don't have to talk about total enrollment numbers "just because you say so". When talking undergraduate athletics, the relevant number is undergraduate enrollment. Nobody cares about people taking the odd online course to keep up their teaching certification, or the retiree who drives in to campus in the morning and then returns to the burbs at night (exactly the type of "student" that inflates GMU, VCU, and LU's total enrollment numbers). When it comes to kids who come to campus as freshmen, stay four years (give or take), graduate, and then leave, VPI is the biggest in the state, without question.

Since YOU seem to be unable to grasp the nuances of written English (which is not uncommon when dealing with VPI supporters) I don't expect logical thought to be in your repertoire.

Again, suck it.

Virginia Tech would be crazy to not accept an invitation from thel SEC. VT has dominated the ACC, and the only way to step up is to play with the big dogs. Not to mention that VT and Tennessee would become an INSTANT rivalry. VT would gain better recruits, would be a member of the biggest, baddest conference in all the land, and would get to watch UVA sink into oblivion. It's a win/win situation. Virginia Tech MUST go to the ACC.

DOMINATE??????are u on dope or dog food? play one of the weakest schedules in college football.........and I wouldn't dare say that you dominated the big east with miami in the 90's and early 2000's..........typical hokie fan......belive your own carry a chip on your shoulders for no the way im not a Uva a noles fan...........bring that shit to Tallahassee .........let's see i've beaten fsu ummmmmm once in 35 tries......yea you dominated

47-10 record in the acc since joining is dominating.

David Wilson is da truth mane

It's a shame the SEC won't have them. We know who the perennial SEC cow-tipping champions would be. And Tech would be a mortal lock for the SEC cousin-kissing title!

Hokies National Championships: 0
UVa National Championships: 20

So the Gobblers sez.... "yeah, but we rule in the money sports!"

Which means they should go to the SEC where the saying is.... "If you aint cheatin, you aint tryin!"

So before you go outdoors make sure and hide your beagles because Vicks an Eagle.

yea,yea...but what about the water and the dam and dredging and oh yea the bypass and oh the MALL! yea the mall!! come y'all yer losing focus lets not fergit about whats IMPORTANT.

Virginia Tech gets a little attention from the national media and UVA fans are up in arms over a rumor that hasn't even been substantiated by any credible source. As I'm generally sick of the elitist comments that are often posted by UVA fans, here are a few thoughts that will hopefully provide you with a more realistic perspective of your school:

1) I went to two elite universities (e.g. Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, etc.) and I guarantee you that students and faculty from these institutions do not consider UVA a peer school. I also guarantee you that talent factories such as McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Carlyle Group and Google do not hire UVA grads in anywhere near the same numbers as they do from the best schools. Factor in the lower acceptance rates to top graduate programs and the lower lifetime earning of UVA grads and I'm just not sure where the arrogance comes from. (FYI, there is ample documentation regarding recruitment and alumni statistics out there for anyone that would like to research this further.) The key takeaway here is that some of you need to get off your high horse and stop acting like Virginia Tech is some third-tier academic institution as the academic reputation of UVA is not nearly as respected as many of you seem to think.

2) It is really pathetic to keep lording your lax and soccer championships over everyone. While I enjoy soccer more than the average American fan, the only reason UVA isn't as irrelevant in soccer as it is in football and basketball is that very few schools in the power conferences care about Olympic sports. Enjoy what you've achieved but be honest with yourselves and accept that fact that VT's relative success in football since 1992 trumps being the best in any second- or third-tier sport.

3) While VT deserves a lot of the grief it gets over choking in big games, they have in fact been the dominant program in the ACC since expansion and have accomplished far more in their seven years in the conference than UVA has in its 58 years. In the sport that matters the most to each school (as demonstrated by the relative budgets and fan support in relation to other athletic programs), VT has accomplished far more than UVA. Belittling their accomplishments seems to be mostly a function of insecurities related to the shortcomings of your own football and basketball programs.

SWVCC@the Chokies would not win in cow-tipping and cousin-kissing in the SEC.The farm-tards over in Auburn have those categories sewn up.Just ask any Bama fan.

To John Q........
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black......I could give a rats ass where you went to school, sounds like someones trying to inflate there own ego. As for the dominate comment, lets look at Florida State since the merger.........How can say you dominated when with your
one claim to Micheal Vick you couldnt beat Florida beat them last year in the acc championship yes......on a rebuilding year with a 1st year coach.....yes he was there 3 yrs before but he didnt have complete control until last year......and yes you won but I wouldnt call it a blowout or a rout.
Va Tech fans act as if theyve been slighted by the entire national football scene. You play one of the weakest schedules in college football, its not hard to dominate when you play App. State, Troy, Jmu oh wait......East Carolina...Opps wait, Ark. state, Marshall, Duke, etc.....
Tech fans think that they desevre to be acknowledged just for showing up. Who have you ever beaten that was ranked higher than you????? A over rated LSU team of 2000 ????
i wish tech would go to the sec only so they would be placed in perspective EXACTLY where they are in the world of College football......where the cellar dwellers of the sec would teach you about the real world of College football, you are AT BEST a decent 2nd tier team.
Until you ACTUALLY win the big game and beat someone thats ranked higher than you

I'm a proud Tech grad. And I dislike UVA to a point. That aside, there are far more realistic Hokie fans than pro-UVA people give us credit for. We are proud of our program and have had success in recent years. I'm sorry that UVA's team has been very poor. They should have fired Al long before they did. I wish the Tech/UVA rivalry was more about football than pure hatred for one another.

Here are points I'd like to make:
1. $$. Money drives everything. Money helps academics, enrollment, facilities, and other sports. It will be hard to turn down the money if it is offered. I would bet a lot of money that our football success has led to improving academics.
2. No Tech fan in their right mind would think VT would be a contender right away. There will be growing pains, but Tech would be competitive.
3. I dont think of the pro-UVA people have mentioned the recruiting advantage Tech would have as an SEC school in the Mid-Atlantic. I think it would severely weaken recruiting classes for MD, UVA, and UNC.
4. It is not VT's fault that the ACC turned out to be just as bad as the Big East. We tried to improve our position in the football world. We can't help that the other teams were rebuilding (FSU/Miami) and that most of the teams (UVA) stayed the same or got worse. We wouldn't be having this conversation if the ACC was the football powerhouse it thought it was. The move to the SEC would offer a better environment to get better. The ACC can't offer that right now.
5. Yes some of VT's teams have been overrated, but if you know anything about football, you know that ten win seasons are hard to come by (and we have a pretty good streak going). Bowl games are important too! When is the last time we didn't go to a bowl? Yes, VT has choked, but I find it hard to listen to people knock my program when they have not played a meaningful game in years. We know we need to improve, so if that means we have to jump ship, so be it.

Ask yourself this question: If the tables where turned. What would UVA do? Be honest. Would you default to just existing in a mediocre conference? Or would you try to improve your position? UVA may be happy where they are now and that's their right. But if that's the case, I don't think any pro-UVA individual has any business commenting on the topic VT moving to the SEC.

It's all speculation right now. Nothing will happen for some time. Just think, all you UVA folks, you can watch us lose in the SEC and feel better about yourselves! Just don't think for a second that we are worse off for leaving the ACC if asked. You'd be wrong.

Not only would I love to see tech go to the SEC, I wish they had never been invited to sully the reputation of the ACC. I would like nothing more than to see them kicked out of the ACC the same way that they were kicked out of the old Metro Conference. Sadly, it appears that the SEC does not want them either.

pure garbage!

UVa fans make me laugh. Just keep pretending you all matter.