Rattle on: We've had 'more than 100' aftershocks

Still feeling multiple aftershocks every day? Friends saying you're dreaming? You may not be, according to a top earthquake scientist, who says that there have been "more than 100 aftershocks."

Bill Leith, the acting senior advisor for earthquake hazards for the U.S. Geologic Survey, say that Central Virginians will continue to feel about a dozen aftershocks per day in the immediate future. At press time, the Survey's website listed 19 quakes of 2.0 and above since the 5.8 whopper on August 23, and sensitive devices are registering many more.

"These aftershocks are going to go on for weeks and months," says Leith, adding that the magnitudes with diminish over time.

How about another big one?

"We can't rule out another large aftershock," says Leith, "but the probabilities are low."


Original August 27 headline and posting:

Irene-schmirene: We've had TEN aftershocks

Irene has just begun its Charlottesville sprinkling, but the hurricane has begun weakening and steering east, and folks in Louisa County are still reeling in the aftermath of the earthquakes that have hammered their houses and schools. According to a Friday damage report by government officials, they've already tallied about $7 million in damage– and that doesn't even include the two public schools that'll be closed for the entire school year.

Meanwhile, the rumbles continue with at least ten officially measured aftershocks, according to the United States Geological Service, with a 3.4, a 4.2, and a 4.5 on the Richter Scale.

Update: The USGS hasn't yet reported the two smaller shocks we felt on either side of 7am today. It they do, that would bring the official number of earthquakes here to 13.

Correction: It turns out that the photo used to illustrate this "100 aftershocks" story– a picture of the defunct Price's Pantry grocery store– showed damage that occurred four days before the earthquake, an automobile accident allegedly caused by 60-year-old Stephen Holman of Ruther Glen and claiming the life of 63-year old Carol A. Reeves of Mineral.

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10 + 2 = 12

I have only felt two after shocks? I live in C-Ville. I could see if you live in Louisa, but here? Not sure ten have been felt by everyone. I want to know if tornados are coming our way now?

Skinny -- I think it might be 10 + 2 + el grande = 13.

But as for me -- I also only felt those two big sleep disturbance aftershocks (after the big one).

Maybe the others were so little as to be attributed to a fan or thunder (and, Hawes, according to the USGS as of now, those last two may have been just that, since they are not reported as quakes. )

Nice to see some coverage on the troubles facing us in Louisa. People need to realize that 1/3 of our schools are out of commission, nearly 50% of our students are being displaced and yes, aftershocks are continuing to happen and make things worse. It is bad here. The earthquake isn't going away in a few weeks or months here. We'll be feeling the effects of this for years. I don't know what you can do to help, but please, at the very least, send good thoughts our way.

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OK Did anyone feel that slight aftershock or was I that my imagination????

Has the MediaGeneral news? reported any of this? They are SO in bed with Dominion, Nuclear power, AREVA, etc. that it seems to be another of their nonnews and this includes the Charlottesville, Richmond , Lynchburg dailies. People everywhere should stop reading their anti Virginia anti clean water and clean air writings.

Here is a list of all the Louisa aftershocks (except one outlier in WV):


They were very nerve-wracking until I finally said "screw it, what happens, happens."

My friends lives in Orange County near the Louisa border and was telling me how her dog has been a complete wreck since the quake. Knowing that there have been 100 aftershocks (many of which animals can sense and we can't) now makes her dog's behavior make sense. I have sent her this story link. Thanks for keeping us informed.