Know me? I robbed a bank in a Canucks hat

An image from a security camera gives the public the chance to catch a thief, as the suspect in Thursday's Charlottesville bank robbery appears on a security camera image with his face exposed and his head topped by a Vancouver Canucks baseball-style cap.

The suspect on the early afternoon incident on August 25 has been described as an African-American man standing 5'5" to 5'8" and weighing between 180-200 pounds. In addition to his hockey team hat, he was sporting a light-colored t-shirt and light-colored shorts.

According to an Albemarle County Police release, witnesses say the suspect entered the Ivy Road branch of Union Bank, handed a teller a note demanding cash along with "a threat of bodily harm" and then fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. 

Police urge anyone with information regarding the incident to contact the Albemarle County Police Department at 434-296-5807 or Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000. There's typically a reward offered by Crime Stoppers.

Saturday addendum: Some question has arisen over the team name on the hat. According to Albemarle police spokesperson Darrell Byers, it's definitely a Canucks hat and not a Virginia hat. For starters, the hat bears the blue and green colors of the Canucks, and a Virginia hat would likely be blue and orange. (Click for second photo to see a similar Virginia hat.)

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Dude didn't even brandish a weapon and made of with undisclosed loot? There's a kung fu center on Berkmar, folks.

awesome disguise, African American man wearing a hockey hat, they'll never find him

It's not a Vancouver hat. Way to take a "V" and guess. It's a Virginia hat. Check out the football team. 1 or 2 of them always tend to get into trouble this time of year.

Good point. You can even read "Virginia" on his hat if you put your eyes right up to it, focus on the same spot, and slowly draw away from the picture!

Almost makes you wonder if someone's trying to protect UVA, come to think of it. Wouldn't be the first time.

And if so, aiding and abetting.

I mean, let's be honest. The only Virginia football fans who actually play football around here are Virginia football players.

Or maybe the bank robber's a fan of their physics department. Far be it from me to speculate.


You're an idiot. Get a job and quit posting.

Davis, you're an even bigger idiot. Get a job and stop reading this troll forum.

I'm not the one who thinks V-i-r-g-i-n-i-a spells Vancouver, dude. If you have a job, you must either work the evening shift or you should be getting back to work. I sure hope you're not the type to post comments while you're on the taxpayer payroll.

Holy cow. "You're" spelled correctly thrice in an internet comments section. Wait until the fine folks at Guiness see this post.

Hey, this is racist yo. If it dont say Vanco yo then he may he not be black yo.

@Jim...It's spelled Guinness.

Good looking out. More of a bourbon barrel stout fan to be honest.

thanks hawes, for the publicity - hope he is caught before moving on to his next target...for the record, the bank staff CAN read - they are the ones who reported "Vancouver" NOT "Virginia"...

Maybe they can read, but they can't spell Virginia. That's sad.

Two questions for the conspiracy minded:

1. Why would wearing a hat with the word Virginia on it mean that the wearer had any association what-so-ever with the University? I've never tried, but I have no association with any local universities and I know I would have no problem buying sportswear (including as many hats as I could carry) with a university logo on it.

2. Are you colorblind?
2.a What local university has blue and green colors?

They do sell green UVA hats at Mincer's. Maybe there's a blue and green version somewhere in town too

omg. the hat was not a virginia hat. move on.

With any luck the robber will chime in and tell us what he was wearing.

I can't believe that I just spent the last 20 minutes googling baseball caps. I can't find any Canucks caps with a logo anything like the one the robber is wearing. Saw some with a city name with that same underlining, but they were for baseball teams. The white patch on the visor looks like a New Era brand cap. So far though, couldn't find a cap similar to this one anywhere online.

I'm starting to feel like one of the Morgan Harrington conspiracy theory posters now!

The word on his cap appears to start with a P.
Where would he have gotten an ice hockey hat here in Charlottesville?
That C doesn't appear to be a complete C.

That hat has no resemblance to a Canucks Hat . The writer is confused . The video clearly shows the robber was a Canucklehead .

why doesn't someone (the freakin POLICE) ask someone in the bank what his hat said instead of everyone speculating over a crappy picture?

Lol at the Hook for responded to the stupidity in this thread