First year: Sullivan picks Dukie for provost

UVA President Teresa Sullivan marked her first anniversary at the helm of Virginia's flagship university with a press briefing in the Rotunda's Dome Room and the announcement of her choice for provost and executive vice president: Duke University vice provost John D. Simon.

Simon, 54, a scientist who previously chaired Duke's chemistry department, succeeds Tim Garson.

Like so many before him, Simon admitted August 24 that he fell under the spell of the Lawn: "I felt I was standing on the ground, which, in my view, tells the history of higher education in the United States and exemplifies what many universities should aspire to be."

Sullivan said her first-year priority was to hire senior staff. In May, she named Leonard Sandridge-successor Michael Strine, 45, as chief operating officer and executive VP.

Among other achievements, Sullivan noted the university's new sexual misconduct policy, unveiled in May, which changes the evidentiary standard from "clear and convincing evidence" to a "preponderance of the evidence," and broadens sexual misconduct to include deliberate incapacitation, videotaping, voyeurism, and cyberstalking.


The only way for President Sullivan to succeed is to clean house. She has a few more appointments to go, namely VP Pat Lampkin, Susan Davis, Paul Forch, Clare Kaplan, and Michael Gibson.

picks "dookey" HA! I do that every day following my dog around

How does a Duke chemistry prof progress to executive VP and Provost?

Perhaps he did not fall under the spell of "the lawn".......maybe he said "I can spell lawn"....