Another multi-million-dollar spread up for bids...

This time it's a 7,800-square-footer built in 2007 and recently offered for sale by owners Fred Trainor and Melissa Russell through Better Homes real estate for $4.9 million. It's called "Milton Farm," and it's near the historic site of Milton, a once-bustling 18th century Rivanna River port where Thomas Jefferson orchestrated Albemarle County's only major dredging project. Made of stone and stucco with five bedrooms and eight baths on a 52-acre spread. For sale Wednesday, August 24– today!– on the county courthouse steps at 2:15pm. Auction run by Samuel I. White.


And why aren't we dredging ? Unfortunately, if the $200 million dollar dam and pipeline are built there will be no foreclosure, just a fleecing of ratepayer pocket books. Buyer beware !

Nancy, the study and design money has already been budgeted, and much of it spent. Fighting idiots over whether it is the right decision or not is only costing the taxpayers more money. Get over it and fight another fight.

Bad information in, bad decisions out.

Quick question: has the RSWA projected rates to consumers (residential, institutional, etc) over the 50 years of this plan?

I thought this post was about a house.

Amen Jim.

well, you can generalize to everyone, private citizens and government alike, overspending constantly. Banks lending money easily, governments issuing bonds and racking up unlimited debt...what is the difference? Trying to guess our water needs fifty years from now is art more than science and the projections are guesses; but borrowing money to achieve goals, rather than saving up and buying things as we can afford them, is what is choking our economy and our citizens. We are an impatient species.

actually it is the AH's that lend the money who are equally to blame with those who cannot afford their halucinations..........

After all the info the Hook has put out there about about this mind blowing boondoggle called a dam, it never ceases to amaze me that there are still supporters. Not to mention that common sense dictates that we should be dredging anyway. So, why are there still supporters? Take your pick, ignorance is bliss or show me the money.

Oh, about the house, maybe the owners can get job working for Patricia Klugy? She's pulling down 22 grand a month to taste wine.

actually Trump Wineries has two openings

-- Fred M. Trainor of Fort Worth, Texas, a 1961 graduate of
the University's College of Arts and Sciences. Trainor is founder,
president and chief executive officer of AVCOR Health Care Products
Inc. He played football for U.Va. and has served on the Jefferson
Scholars Program's National Selection Committee. He is one of the
originators of the Western Wahoo Open, a benefit golf tournament
held in Las Vegas.