Exclusive photos from quake-torn Central Virginia


I don't know if I'd say "torn", but rattled and ripped a little. There were a few buildings that are probably too damaged to repair.

My home about 8 miles West wasn't too bad, just a lot of broken glass and items on the floor.

I do believe that Obama has just renamed Mineral, Virginia- it is now called Bush's Fault, Virginia.

Earthquake machine. No fault line in Louisa.

I used to work with a group of geologists who leased the mines in the area. They also created (and I was part of this) maps of the counties extensively for their geologic aspects as well as topography. There most certainly are faults in the area that cause earthquakes.

So renaming it Bush's Fault , Virginia is OK..........

It get nuts how local news medias tend to blow up news beyond reality. The west coast looks at our 5.9 as a method to stir they're coffee. Perspective is the key to all.

"Quake torn?"...OK get a grip people.

Yeah damaged buildings in a few towns...

But the "big one" this was not.

Come on. Give these people a break. If it was your house that suffered damage, no insurance to pay for repairs, you'd probably feel plenty quake-ravaged. My sympathies.

Yep I found my chimney has some damage, not sure if it's safe as is or not. If it needs replaced, I'm sure it's thousands of dollars, which I don't have.