Grunts and screams: 'Conan' not so literate

Conan the Barbarian involves the clash of civilizations whose vocabularies are limited to screams, oaths, grunts, howls, ejaculations, exclamations, vulgarities, screeches, wails, bellows, yelps and woofs. I'd love to get my hands on the paycheck for subtitling this movie.

The plot involves– oh, never mind. You have your Barbarians and they kill each other in an unending series of battle scenes. I guess Conan is the good guy, but what difference does it make? He has no cause or belief. He's driven by revenge against the sadistic Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang), who trapped Conan's father under a vat of molten iron, assigned young Conan to exert his little muscles to try to keep it from tipping, and screamed at the old man: "You will watch your child die trying to save you!" Full review.

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Doesn't sound much different than our current government.

Is this what the movie actually sounds like, is it what he thinks ancient civilizations sounded like, or is just spouting words with no useful value?

Conan was white and huge, this guy looks like he works in the IT department at uva.

He is no Arnold. This is the equivalent to making a Hulk movie without Lou Ferrigno.