Books, bags, iPads-- oh my! Local students show school spirit

Summer may be ending, but for Charlottesville and Albemarle County students, the start of a new school year brings the excitement of picking out new clothes, planning extracurricular activities, and refocusing their minds on a new grade level. Whether reuniting with old friends or starting out at a new school, local students bring a high level of energy, dedication, and passion both in and out of the classroom.

We asked students from all grades and from schools across the city and county what they're most looking forward to this fall– and from sports to classes, lunches to fashion, we found that local kids are ready to take on the new year.

Jack Bruns, 10
6th grade, Charlottesville Day School

Extracurricular: Baseball, golf, trumpet
Must-have fall clothing: Cardinals jersey
Lunch choice: Sushi rolls
Favorite subject: Math and music
The best thing about being in middle school is my teacher, Mrs. Reed!



Grant Dinwiddie, 16
12th grade, Miller School of Albemarle

Extracurricular: Lacrosse
Must-have fall clothing: A hoodie
Lunch choice: Cheeseburger
Favorite subject: Math
The best thing about being in 12th grade is graduating.

Charlotte Sargent, 4
Grizzly Bear Class, Charlottesville Day School

Extracurricular: Swimming, singing, and playing baby
Must-have fall clothing: Tennis shoes
Lunch choice: Apples
Favorite subject: I love Ms. Townley and Miss Jamie and Ms. Jan!
The best thing about being a CDS kid is playing and having fun!

Miles Miller, 5
Kindergarten, Charlottesville Catholic School

Extracurricular: T-ball
Must-have fall clothing: New sneakers
Lunch choice: Chicken sandwich, peas/carrots/corn, chocolate milk
Favorite subject: Science– dinosaurs/sea animals
The best thing about being in kindergarten is playing with my friends outside.




Julianna Caddell, 12
7th grade, The Covenant School

Extracurricular: Tennis
Must-have fall clothing: Flip-flops
Lunch choice: Pizza
Favorite subject: Science
The best thing about being in 7th grade is moving to the Upper Campus.

Sarah Glatt, 18
12th grade, St. Anne's Belfield School

Extracurricular: The fall play, running cross-country in my free time
Must-have fall clothing: Since every student has to wear uniforms this year, I guess a pair of flats
Lunch choice: I always bring my lunch– a PB&J, since it's easy to make in the morning.
Favorite subject: Math
The best thing about being in 12th grade is being allowed to dress up for Halloween.


Steven Decker, 18
1st year, PVCC

Extracurricular: Guitar
Must-have fall clothing: Jeans
Lunch choice: A Farmington from "The Market"
Favorite subject: Music
The best thing about being in college is picking my own schedule.

Lucas Critzer, 12
7th grade, The Field School

Extracurricular: Soccer
Must-have fall clothing: Indoor soccer shoes
Lunch choice: My Dad makes lunch for the whole school every day, and it is very yummy.
Favorite subject: History
The best thing about being in 7th grade is soccer.



Zoe Weatherford, 11
6th grade, Charlottesville Waldorf School

Extracurricular: Playing sports– swimming, soccer, and lacrosse
Must-have fall clothing: Shoes that I can run and play in since we are outside a lot
Lunch choice: Cheese quesadilla and yogurt-covered pretzels
Favorite subject: Movement (PE) and Handwork class
The best thing about being in 6th grade is that I will study geology. I'm excited to go caving with my class.

Olivia Weatherford, 8
3rd grade, Charlottesville Waldorf School

Extracurricular: Playing soccer, performing in plays, watercolor painting
Must-have fall clothing: Keens & sunhat
Lunch choice: Turkey roll with cheese and lettuce, granola bars, fruit
Favorite subject: Movement (PE)
The best thing about 3rd grade is that this year I get to go on the farm trip with my class.

Satatianna "Mia" Folley, 8
2nd grade, Burnley Moran Elementary School/
Extracurricular: singing, baking
Must-have fall clothing: Justin Bieber shoes
Favorite lunch: pizza, salad
Favorite subject: science
The best thing about being in 2nd grade is being with my friends.










Lauren Sutton, 14
9th grade, Renaissance School

Extracurricular: Violin, acting
Must-have fall clothing: Boots
Lunch choice: Pizza
Favorite subject: Theater
Best thing about 9th grade is being able to eat lunch on the Downtown Mall.






Emma Harrison, 10
5th grade, Walker Elementary School

Extracurricular: Soccer and horn
Must-have fall clothing: Converse sneakers, scarf, and hair bands
Lunch choice: Peanut butter and Nutella
Favorite subject: Science
The best thing about being in 5th grade is being in band.

Elizabeth Zimmermann, 13
8th grade, The Village School

Extracurricular: Piano
Must-have fall clothing: Pair of jeans
Lunch choice: Sushi
Favorite subject: History
The best thing about being in 8th grade is being the oldest.






Nina Griffin, 14
9th grade, Charlottesville High School

Extracurricular: Acting, soccer
Must-have fall clothing: Boots!
Lunch choice: Pizza. For sure.
Favorite subject: Creative writing
The best thing about being in 9th grade is having some freedom!





Henry Cohen, 15
10th grade, Western Albemarle High School

Extracurricular: Camping, playing cello
Must-have fall clothing: Mountain Hardwear fleece
Lunch choice: Turkey sandwich
Favorite subject: Science
The best thing about being in 10th grade is that you're not a freshman anymore.




Afton W. VanHooser, 4 3/4
Pre-school, Chancellor Co-op

Extracurricular: Swinging, building things, reading, learning
Must-have fall clothing: My favorite shirt is my "digger" shirt
Favorite lunch: Jelly and sunflower on wheat
Favorite subject: Music
The best thing about being in pre-school is playing in the tent with my friends.



Katherine Walker, 19
2nd year, The University of Virginia

Extracurricular: Spending time with family and friends, running
Must-have fall clothing: Cardigans
Lunch choice: A meal swipe at O-Hill– PB&J bagels
Favorite subject: Math and sciences
The best thing about being a second year is that the first-year college adjustment period is over, and I can truly engage in all The University has to offer. I'm excited about everything this year will bring!


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Is it me or is there a lack of diversity amongst the choosen students?

Name..Ice Dogg Age..19
Extracurricular..Mall hang.
Must have Clothing... Yo shi ma bro
Lunch..No pay yo way.
Favorite subject...Big but
Best Thing about 5th year..still live

Yea they all seem like nice kids getting their learn on. Just give em' a couple of years and they will all be big fat sacks of bagels and sushi.

Agree, question. Where dem Albemarle Patriots, mane???

What about Murray HS?

They probably went to MHS but all the students had taken the day off to smoke pot.

What are the percentage of children going to public schools vs. private schools in the area? There are three public school kids featured here.

Makes sense. The hook is appealing to higher economic demographic than the public at large. It does rely on advertising, after all, and advertisers need wealthy eyeballs.

We should keep this in mind whenever reading "news" in the hook. It is a paper of, by and for rich people, not the general public.