Kristin's picks: Szakos endorses Galvin, Huja

Five days before the Dems pick three candidates for City Council, Kristin Szakos has named her choices to join her on the dais at City Hall: fellow Councilor Satyendra Huja and School Board member Kathy Galvin.

"It was hard to narrow it down to three," says Szakos, who opted to name only two choices. She cites Huja's nearly 40 years of city government experience and Galvin's expertise in education, planning, and smart neighborhood development.

And while Szakos campaigned with Mayor Dave Norris in 2009, two years later they're not on the same page in their preferences for City Council. Norris has given the nod to candidates Colette Blount, Brevy Cannon and Dede Smith.

Paul Beyer and James Halfaday complete the field of seven Dems seeking their party's nomination for City Council, and another five independents hope to garner votes in November.

The August 20 primary also will determine the Democratic nominee for clerk of court, an eight-year, $112K job, with incumbent Paul Garrett trying to fend off challengers Llezelle Dugger and Pam Melampy.

The firehouse primary will be held Saturday, August 20, from 9am to 7pm at Burley Middle School on Rose Hill Drive, and any registered voter who signs a pledge to support the Dem candidates can cast a ballot.


And if you're called away to solve a mystery this Saturday

Absentee Voting

For Democrats who will be out of town or unable to come to the polls
on August 20, Absentee Early Voting will occur on:

**Thursday, August 18, 2011*

*5:30 until 8:30 p.m. *

*at the Independence Resource Center

815 Cherry Ave.*

Guess Kristin wants to be our next Mayor. What do you think Charlottesville are you ready for Mayor Szakos ?

Unless a lot of primary voters plan to split their ballots on Saturday, I think the Norris-slate of Smith/Blount/Cannon is primed for a sweep.

My sense is that Smith and/or Blount has the most individual support of the 7 candidates, and it is hard to see someone voting for Smith/Blount plus, for instance, Beyer or Huja -- there's just too big a difference in terms of voting records and/or campaign platforms.

If there is a sweep by the Norris candidates, then City/County (not to mention City/Chamber of Commerce) tensions on the Meadowcreek Parkway and water plan could be headed for an all-time high.

I agree if Blount/Smith and Canon sweep the voting there will be a change, but I don't necessarily see it as an increase in tension.

I think it will provide the balance in negotiations that has been missing.

Now we have the pump station decision and the county is opposing any location in the county. And there will be many more major decisions to make. I want to see councilors that stand up for city residents and come to the table as equals. To date that is not the case. Only then will we see real compromise and protection of city assets, not just sacrifice of those assets with no gain for the residents.

This election is about trust- who do we trust to represent those who elect them. To listen to their concerns and make decisions based on the best facts available that provide affordable, sustainable solutions to the many problems the city will be facing in these difficult economic times.

That is precisely why you should not vote for them. A vote for Smith is a vote for misinformation

I've worked with Ms. Smith for many years in our neighborhood and she would be a great representative for our City. She is intelligent, hard working and listens well at all our meetings. I have many friends at Ivy Creek and with the Rock Bridge Wildlife Sanctuary that can't say enough good things about her leadership abilities. We are blessed that she has offered to serve us..

I don't know much about Ms. Galvin accept what I've read here and listened to her press conference and appearance on Coy Barefoot. She seems to have very set ideas, and is apparently not willing to listen to new information presented by diligent citizens even before she has been elected.

But I have witnessed Mr. Beyer's modus operandi up close and personal and I could never trust him to make good decisions for our neighborhoods. My experience of Mr. Beyer's behavior at his development at Huntley is: promises broken and trying to skirt the rules. I think all his talk about art and culture is a cover to get his shovel in the steep slopes of many neighborhoods of the city.
If you don't believe me read this and the comment from another neighbor named in this article.

This was the comment made by Mr. Quarles at the above article

Posted by: Martin Quarles | July 26, 2010 at 09:57 PM

Much of Huntley should not have been built on, and the city did things not normally allowed in order to keep the young professionals paying city taxes. The loss of a few trees is the least of it. Poor quality storm water and storm runoff is evident there, lack of retention measures are obvious, destruction of critical slope buffers, etc. If anybody remembers Jim Davis, the man formerly in charge of enforcement of these things, they long for the day of his stern visage. I see no enforcement nowadays. Wait till Huntley is fully built out, there will be little room for trees. Much of it looks a bit wasted now.

I think if City Councilor Kristin Szakos were to visit the Circuit Court and dig up some old divorce proceedings, she just might change her mind about who she is willing or not willing to endorse.

@changes afoot - interesting analysis. What have you heard that makes you feel that members of the mayor's softball slate have the most individual support? It seems very contrary to some opinions I've heard about people's approach to the primary voting - the idea of there being a three-person "ticket" seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

I don't care. As long at Szakos gives me free pizza, I'm onboard.

If she tells me to vote for Alf Landon, I'll vote for Alf Landon. If she says Blount, I'll hold my nose and do it.

I do loves my pepperoni.

Look at the picture. There is no support for this anouncement. Endorsed by Szakos is like being sprayed by a skunk.

Mr. Beyer's art interest I'm sure is genuine just like Blakey Hurt's (Dr. Hurt's son) art is genuine. He helped start the Art in Place after all and see his website. Just go ahead and write in Dr. Charles Hurt and lets get the head honcho in if you want Beyer.

I know that the candidates have debated in several forums, but why have there been no printed summaries of their views on a variety of issues? Maybe I missed it but I have not seen a printed transcript of the debates/forums.

@GSOE could you be more specific ? Are the court records online ?

@Champe -There have been several attempts to interview the candidates on various issues both here and at Cvilleweekly and the Daily Progress

What I find frustrating is that the media does not fact check the candidates answers. That would be real journalism and a public service. As it is now, they can say whatever, and several of the candidates have wandered into questionable territory with no challenge.

This was the Hook cover story of candidate interviews

The 1:24 comment from "Dem" (aka Dave Norris?) is remarkable for the way it ignores the obvious fact that everyone in politics has a personal agenda. The worst you could say about Councilor Szakos is that she may have the ambition to someday be a mayor of Charlottesville. The worst you could say about Mr. Norris it is that he intends to be mayor-for-life and has cynically endorsed a slate of three underqualified candidates whom he thinks will be his lemmings. Which is worse?

What was Galvin thinking in signing on with the two of them? Taking on excess baggage now is a dumb move on Galvin's part. Ms Szakos has a huge record for inserting foot in mouth. Over a period of time, the incidents have increased. As a result Szakos is the subject of many cruel jokes in one town. Galvin would be better off going it alone.

Hook Reader, I would rather have Dave Norris, Mayor for life than Szakos Mayor for a week. Szakos has stooped to an ultimate low as she has bowed to the county in too many ways. In my view, the Norris ticket has many strengths and far above those Szakos is encouraging.

The dredgers here are all pumped up on Hook-induced kool-aid and forget that Huja and Szakos have traditionally brought a lot of voters to the primary and general election-look at past tallies. The Norris crowd is just all ticked off because Szakos didn't vote with him on the Dam. Szakos just stood up to the County in the Western By-pass vote or do you ideologues just see what you want to see? How come you are not giving her credit for that?...oh because you disagreed with her on the dam. How childish. You forget, Szakos is as much a progressive liberal as Norris is any day-but you insist on personalizing the policy differences, OK have it your way. Szakos is a grass roots person, that's how she got elected. The people she brought with her to that last election will now come out for Huja and Galvin, and all the people who saw the attack on Huja for what it was will come out and vote for him in larger numbers so thanks for that. So any fantasy about a Norris ticket sweep is just that.-fantasy. I wouldn't count the eggs til they have hatched.

I would rather have Norris and/or Szakos for life than one day of a Council with Dede Smith on it. They are both so far out of her league as to bring into question Norris' judgement on this. No one has forgotten her awful record on the school board and those that were on that school board with her either support Galvin or are still too traumatized by the experience to come out and talk about it. And Galvin has the support of all the school board members and they know a lot of people. And let's not forget that Smith signed the Dem. pledge and went back on it by supporting an independent afterwards as Vandever stated in the Hook. What does that say for integrity? Szakos has more integrity in her little finger and the democrats in town won't forget this come primary day. So Norris and Smiths' strategy is to name call the democrats, undermine the democratic party and pretend they are the real liberals for change-give me a break. More like democrats for control.

If the election is about listening to people and trust, then it is clear that Galvin and Huja have the edge just based on their past records of service compared to what we know. No one will forget Smith's demeanor as a Dredger "activist" either. I don't think the people who don't support dredging think of her as a very good listener. People in Cville don't want war with the County when we don't need one.

I am shocked that someone as bright as Blount would have signed on to that ticket except for maybe they are paying all her campaign expenses, that's the only reason I can think of. She may still win but will lose votes because of her affiliation. The primary voters won't split their vote, except for maybe with Blount-Byer, But from what I hear, people see the ticket thing and the reversal of the water vote as just negative, revisionist garbage. Many thought the softball questioning at the first forum to be "lame." They see through the Norris power play and it just pisses people off that he's that hungry for control. Norris is running three to get two votes to go his way. I would be surprised if he gets them. The young turk thing played some last election, but don't think its going to play now, esp. when Schilling seems to be supporting Smith from what I saw on his site.

But if by some miracle Norris does get his two councilor bloc, be careful what you ask for, Council will make the school board debacle look like a Sunday picnic. When true believer/ ideologues take over, they always find a way to screw it up. Better to have a well balanced council with independent councilors than a troika of one issue, anti-growth/anti-economic opportunity/group thinkers. I was thinking of voting for Blount but you people have persuaded me that this would be a bad thing for the City if its about just overturning the parkway and the Dam decision and putting bolsheviks in charge.

Galvin-Huja-Beyer it is!!!

So Szakos called a press conferance and NOBODY showed up. The feature picture of this article in very telling. She endorsed Huja and Galvin. Nobody showed up for them either. Just the lonely microphone and public address equipment was there!

And this guy Citizen Party wants us to vote these people into office?

He disparages all others saying they have an agenda.while his choices are the ONLY three (out of 11 candidates) who support the building of the dam/pipeline. Appears he has the agenda.

Nice try Citizen Party ( aka KA?) lots of comments under various names here and at C'ville News, but none of it has been particularly convincing. The personal vendetta against Smith is really pretty off-putting. I can't help but wonder what your own agenda is.

@ HR I was just posing the possibility that Ms. Szakos would have the votes to be Mayor if Galvin and Huja were elected. Of course, Huja could also seek that position. I have heard Ms Szakos and now Ms Galvin scold citizens for coming forward with valuable comments and information to help make decisions . That is not the type of councilor we need in this time of economic stress when all points of view need to be heard. Especially ideas that will save our citizens money on their tax and utility bills.

Mayor Norris has shown himself to be the fiscal conservative on council and not going along with the closing of the Belmont Bridge to pedestrian access, as Szakos and Huja, did was a big plus in common sense decision making. If there is one word that sums up his tenure as mayor it is commonsense and advocacy for all the citizens. I have never heard him scold anyone who has come forward to speak at the council meetings as Ms. Szakos has done. I supported her in the last election, as did many of my friends, and we are disappointed. Her endorsements do more to dissuade me from these candidates if they support her way of doing business for the citizens.

Wondering why Szakos (and Slaughter before her) endorsed only two candidates when three seats are open? Colette Blount and racial politics. Exclusive analysis on

Citizen Party, Huja, sympathy vote? Nice try but think it is a long shot. Huja is old news. Times have already changed. Szakos is no longer innocent poster girl, grinning beside Norris. In fact, Norris being smart has walked away and also thrown her under the bus.
The word is out. Expect to see registered voters including Independents signing the fake joke of a pledge on 20th. There is nothing anyone who objects can do to stop that. There is an organized movement to shake up the old guard. Why, because many citizens are furious with the past votes of Huja, Szakos, and Brown.

I'm not sure these run in a team packages are a good idea. Alot of people are so fed up they are voting for one candidate and skipping the two votes. Szakos is a fool who go to ride the coat tails of Norris in order to get rid of Tallifero. She will be gone in the next election.

I also know of a council member who has silently endorsed a candidate that hasn't been mentioned. The only endorsement that matters is the people's vote on Saturday.

the voter's "pledge" says the voter INTENDS to support the Democratic nominees. It doesn't say MUST. There is no way to legally inforce that.

Watch for the single votes.

Smart qualified voters have determined that they can easily sign the pledge and vote. Signing will be similar to signing on for a prize in a fast food restaurant. The pledge was engineered to scare away the other side. There is a frightening motive behind the "pledge".Won't work this time.

If there's any accuracy to The Schilling Show's reporting/conjecture about the strategic reason that certain individuals have only endorsed two candidates (and excluded Beyer from the endorsements), the strategy could seriously backfire, for this reason: individuals who vote for Blount are overwhelmingly likely to vote for Dede Smith as well -- it is a rare yard you'll see with a Blount sign that does not also include a Smith sign (and vice versa). The Blount and Smith campaigns have presented their priorities and goals very similarly, and Cannon's current direct mail blitz is tracking those same priorities and goals.

Notwithstanding the point that some commenters have made above that some voters will only vote for one candidate and that there is discontent with Norris having packaged a slate of candidates, I think the likelihood is that the majority of Blount/Smith voters will also vote for Cannon (based on the similarity of perspective), and dredging proponents will be very happy with the results come Saturday evening.

Perhaps Huja edges out Cannon for the third seat based on his experience and loyal following in the City, but at the very least the resulting Council is a 3-2 majority for Norris.

@ Changes -- So you are saying Dede if elected could end up being mayor ...LOL During the war she would wage with the county it could then be covered by Al Sharpton on his show . Al likes to talk about The Enviornment "Projection" Agency . Perhaps Blount would be "persuaded" to join in to come along for the ride her way was paid by someone . The entertainment value would be a godsend ,if nothing else,during these hard economic times . Lets say that again Mayor Dede Smith LOL LOL .

Which one is which- (witch?)

Frank, all kidding aside, do you believe Szakos rises above the comedy scene? The queen of foot in mouth, butt of all jokes? "LOL"

Dede for Mayor LOL .Dede's platform .....WAR .

Young Paul, Schilling is correct. You are being purposefully excluded. A shame as you aligned with non friends. Because as "friends"? are voted off, no one to help you anymore.

Frank, Send us a quote,clip wherein Dede has declared war. I do not believe Dede has declared war. You sound as a desperate, agitated, and worried person. If I were you, would worry more for ongoing blunders- Szakos.

I might not get to cast a vote, but I don't quite see Szakos as being some sort of disaster. I think she's wrong on the dam, I think Huja's wrong on the dam. I think they have been right on a whole lot of other stuff. Norris in my view has been right on the dam, but on the balance, wrong on more. That's because his interests usually seem to cater to small groups, and ignoring everyone else unless they are a developer.

None of them really seem to view the City as an entire entity, and I would like to see a bigger stand on protecting City assets. I don't think its healthy for the County or the City to squander City assets.

Scoop -- Anyone should be desperate,agitated,and worried at the thought of a War Council assuming power . People are predicting a full bunker of single issue jungle fighters itching to fight the County . Co-operation among local governments is the cheapest for tax payers and most rewarding route to follow . Trench warfare just bogs everyone down and sets things back for years while egotistic wingnuts play their games . These warriers only get worse with time . If Dede on the School Bd was WWI then Dede and company on council will be WWII .

Frank Speaker,

"Co-operation among local governments is the cheapest for tax payers and most rewarding route to follow ."

What a pity the County doesn't feel that way right now. I don't really see what the County is doing to help the City, or what resources they are sharing with the City at the moment.

Vote for me! I'll get the fluoride out of the water and completely shut down the public school system!

Blah, blah, blah blah. Meet the individuals running. Vote for them or not. This is not a team sport.

Deleted by moderator.

Frank, The county is smart in steering away from joining hands with an unstable city. Yet again Huja, Brown, and Szakos are looking as fools to Charlottesville residents. Szakos and Huja in cozying up with Dennis Rooker have bargained away city resources. Galvin and Beyer will willingly follow on the Szakos' Huja's path.

@Scoop: "Smart qualified voters have determined that they can easily sign the pledge and vote. Signing will be similar to signing on for a prize in a fast food restaurant. The pledge was engineered to scare away the other side. There is a frightening motive behind the "pledge".Won't work this time."

If by "the other side" you mean that the pledge was "engineered to scare away" Republicans or other non-Democrats, then I suppose you are correct. Though there is nothing the least bit frightening about it - after all, it IS a Democratic primary.

As far as someone signing the pledge (or any pledge) with the willful intent to break their word later on, well, what can I say? A pledge is only as good as your word. I get the distinct impression that your word is not worth very much.

@Saywha: Citizen Party is certainly Karl Ackerman, aka Cicero on the DP site. In other words, Kathy Galvin's sock puppet, on a one man mission to turn this election around and make sure that Miss I'm-Ever-So-Much-Smarter-Than-the-People gets elected. I suspect he goes by a few other names here as well, all beating the Smith is evil and Galvin is great drum. He keeps whining that Smith/Blount/Cannon supporters only care about dredging, and then inevitably turns around and says Galvin/Huja/Beyer (a freakin' developer and anti-environmentalist, no less!) are his choices because they're against dredging.

What he willfully ignores are the number of voters who want change, but not only regarding the dam. Newsflash to the Galvin supporters, many of us are thinking about lots of other issues besides the dam! What about the environment, affordable housing, transportation, the homeless, and infrastructure? Then there are all the people who support the 13-foot rise in the dam combined with dredging who are voting for Smith, Blount, Cannon, Halfaday, Collins, Williams, or Fenwick. There are people who don't give a s**t about the water supply who are voting for these same candidates because they want a change from the tired old tied-in Dems who are too scared of their own shadows to stand up for what's right. People are tired of politicians who put placating big business, the Chamber, and the county Repub thugs ahead of the people they're supposed to be supporting. That's the long and the short of it right there. Period. No vast left-wing conspiracy, no cabal, no backroom deals. Many of us are just plain fed up, and we cover the political spectrum from left to right. Fear mongering about city-county wars doesn't scare rational people It's nothing more than a pathetic attempt to scare voters into voting for Galvin.

@Dem-- Too true. Frankly, you can't turn around in Cville without bumping into a FORMER Szakos supporter who is now completely disgusted by some of her antics. She initially had what seemed to be a lot of promise, especially considering her husband's work with the VOP, and her own background in Kentucky. Everything seemed fine for the first few months. She proposed some great initiatives and seemed like she would be a refreshing change. Unfortunately, all that flattery went to her head. She's now turned out to be nothing but a tiresome fence-sitter on many issues, and doesn't keep many of her promises to constituents. She inhabits a cushy world where being superficially nice to people (while stabbing them in the back), and speaking in soothing non-committal platitudes, is preferable to action and standing up for what's right. In addition, her shameful antics and egotistical posturing during the dam votes were only the icing on the cake. Needless to say, her complete malleability has now made her the new poster child for the Old Guard Vandevers, Caravatis, Slaughters et al aka The Party of Fear-Mongering. She may occasionally speak harshly to citizens from high atop her dais, but would never dare to do likewise to anyone she perceived as powerful. To many Charlottesville residents, an endorsement from Szakos takes a candidate right out of the running.

scoopless, you

scoopless, let me finish.
You will NOT drive anyone outside of party to "confession" in signing faux pledge.
No guilt anywhere.

Several people have commented, unfavorably, of Dede Smith's term on the school board without providing any specifics. What is it that she did on the school board that would suggest that she is unsuited for the city council?

OK- how about coming up with anything that anyone on the city council has ever done for anyone that did not have "now elect me again" in the appendix............

and let's make them worthwhile, in the public interest, not payback type anythings.............

Szakos, Huja, with Galvin in tow have gone out of their way to help facilitate the liberal agenda , Albemarle County in promoting stall,delay for a bypass through the county. Yet the same three have pushed for a death blow, McIntire park. They care not what citizens of Charlottesville want. The three are IN the pockets of the County. Vote them all off asap.
The good news, needed endorcements are not coming the way of Huja, Galvin, Szakos. They have clearly snubbed a very popular and wise mayor. Doing so will bite them hard. Looking forward to August 20.

Galvin is clearly the best candidate by a wide margin of the group and should therefore draw the most votes . Beyer is likely the second best in there with HalfaDay . Some of the independents are pretty good such as Williams but most of them are just there exercising their democratic rights .I can't understand why a popular and wise mayor would endorse Smith nor why Blount would fall in line there . Smith seems very scary and i can't fathom why the mayor would expect people to put themselves through the torture of her involved with their lives . Consequently questions about Blount arise which she doesn't seem to answer . This triotka that the mayor has assembled for subserviant pylons just have no positive vision for the future ..

@Frank Speaker: just curious: Do you live in the city or county? If the latter, how about letting city voters decide?

Cville Voter: Frank Speaker is in Canada. He came to this site commenting on the Morgan Harrington articles, and stayed.

Well Frank, Your picks are clearly hanging from the cliff. Barring a miracle, be prepared to give it up.

@ Champe: See these comments from 2005 from C-ville Weekly article on School Board controversy.

If you research, there is much information about Ms. Smith's leadership of the Board at that time. As someone who doesn't follow School Board matters as closely as others, I wondered why there was so much negative buzz when she announced that she was running for Council. I don't envy her having to weather the Scottie Griffin resignation. But it's not the easy moments in public life but the tough controversies that define whether public officials are true leaders. My understanding is that many on both sides of the Griffin matter did not admire her handling of the Board at that time, and many have not admired her more recent handling of the water planning debate.

@Freelove: Dede Smith has been endorsed by 11 current and former mayors, city councilors, and school board members, as well as by the Sierra Club.. So clearly, many who have been on the hot seat have faith in her leadership abilities.

First you gotta love the tone of the the dredger/Smith supporters comments, if you look closely its "we will do anything at the primary to win, even if its unethical". These are the type of people supporting the ticket and you know they must just be a reflection.

Second, Some of the people who have supported Smith as mentioned above are from the "old guard" the commenters are shrieking they are going to take over the party from. Who do you think appointed Smith to the appointed school board? Some of her old guard friends who then saw first hand the results.

Freelove Frieda answered the question spot on. There are just too many other qualified candidates out there this election who don't have that kind of baggage. Look on other blogs as well and you will find your evidence of her past record. Look at the Hooks article on Smith's announcement for more links and information. And as to vendettas, I have never been introduced to Smith, don't know her personally, and she has never done anything to me personally (as far as I know). I thought she was great at Ivy Creek when I went out there with my kids but watched her on school board and she did a horrible job, had her own agenda, pursued this agenda without vetting it with the public, didn't listen to opposing view points and cost the City about 300,000.00 in Griffin's buy-out. Why have no school board members from the appointed or elected school board come out to support her? They were the closest to the action. She showed she should not be in a position to set or influence policy.

And I am a big Norris supporter but on this one he has lost some political capital. It just looks like a venal take-over attempt. Blount is the only serious candidate he is supporting and she would have won without his support. I don't think Szakos wanted to come out and support candidates as a sitting Councilor but Norris did it first and set the precedent.

Lastly I am disappointed by all those "liberals" out there, who just because Norris and Szakos didn't see eye-to-eye on the dam have turned on her like vicious dogs. The attacks on Huja have been disgusting as well , but not unanticipated when one reads the Hook FLAWS article-innuendo, scandal mongering, rumors and down right Yellow Journalism to influence the election. Again, this just shows you the attitude behind the dredger/anti-dam group-true colors. I would say support Norris on every other issue but this ticket. He needs to be on a balanced Council with people like Huja, Galvin, and Szakos who will vote independently and not be beholden to Norris for getting elected.

I know Galvin and she's not in anyone's pocket despite what the desperate dredgers would have you believe.

Nancy Drew, sorry, just saw your question.

No, the Circuit Court records in Charlottesville are not online yet.

Unless the divorce proceedings were sealed for whatever reason, I think every citizen in Charlottesville should have access to see and read the allegations made in them. I had never been so shocked in my life when I read them.

Gasbag, Please tell us more. If public record, spill it.

Gasbag, At least provide a clue.

Yes Gasbag you can't leave that innuendo out there without filling in the names as it also would cover all and sundry until the correct persons and actions were identified . If it is public knowledge then so be it ....

David Slutzky former Chairman of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors today publicly endorsed Huja, Galvin and Beyer. As if it wasn't already clear, now we know who the county interests are supporting. Vote for candidates who will stand up for the city of Charlottesville for a change, people who understand that city-county cooperation is good when it serves both parties but not when one party is always negotiating from a position of weakness.

Breaking News, This news takes the prize.
Desperate individuals tend to associate with losers.

More political figures, including Mayor Dave Norris, appear on the locally-produced Charlottesville politics interview program Politics Matters with host Jan Paynter: The interview can be found in the Program Library. The current show features Bob Gibson, Executive Director of the UVA Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, discussing journalism and the media.

"Politicians are like diapers, they need changing regularly and usually for the same reason......."

'nuf said!

Hasn't Szakos resigned yet?

If the democratic party insiders [Blake Caravati, Meredith Richards, Kay Slaughter, Jim Nix, Kristin Szakos, Kathy Galvin, Peter McIntosh, David Toscano etc.] get their way on Saturday we will have the first city council in decades with no representation from charlottesville's black community. That's a real shame. And it's all because they can't stand the fact that the only african-american in the democratic field [Colette Blount] disagrees with their overpriced oversized eco-unfriendly water supply alternative. They are the ones making this a one-issue race and they are allowing their messianic view on the water issue to blind them to the fact that their efforts are about to deprive charlottesville's african-american community of a voice on council for the first time in many years. And if I hear one more of them point to Huja as the minority voice on council I am going to scream. So so insulting.

Huja may well be the next "black" councilor, and that could ultimately be empowering for Charlottesville's black community if it led to electoral changes in the city.

How did last night's candidates' forum go?

Enough debate about silly races for part-time politico positions which really won't make a difference to city government or the city schools during their relatively short term. The race that matters is Clerk of Court, which is a full-time position at a $120,0000 salary with a term of 8 years. Or 40 if you are the incumbent. The person who wins the primary Saturday has a chance to really impact businesses in the City for the better. I DIG DUGGER!!

@Scoop: One of the most interesting questions at last night's forum was who has accepted money from special interest PACs and why. Turns out that the only ones that have are Galvin, Huja, and Beyer--they have accepted sizeable donations from pro-development PACs. Here is an excerpt from the Charlottesville Tomorrow article on this topic:

"Huja and Galvin each received $500 donations from the Monticello Business Alliance, a political action committee formed in 2003 funded largely by real estate and development interests.

"The Shelter PAC, representing the Blue Ridge Home Builders Association, donated $1,000 to Beyer, and $500 to both Galvin and Huja. The PAC was created in 2007 to support business oriented candidates. Beyer explained that his family business has been a member of the trade organization since 1977."

Sad State ---There are only three positions open Huga has a long strong record and support therefore likely will be elected .Galvin is the best of the bunck by far so there is only one position open really . People will vote for the best candidate regardless of ethnic origin . The election of Obama proved that . If Blount is not the best remaining person to represent then she should not get the job over one who is better qualified or has a better vision to move the city forward . Her alliance with Smith may help them both or may hurt especially Blount . It was Blount who allowed herself to be "PERSUADED" to run within a contrived mysterious Triotka that raises more questions than answers. Is she has ruined her chances or if there are better candidates then it is not accurate or fair to blame anyone else for her shortcomings .


According to Schiling there is some back room deal within the mainstream democratic party to pick one african-american candidate. Now that this hasn't happened as Blount was apparently recruited by Norris and co. who want a bloc to over turn the dam decision, critics find fault in that. Can't have it both ways. If Blount chose to line up with Norris and Smith and Cannon on the anti-earthen dam issue, that's her choice. If the voters of Charlottesville want the earthern dam and don't want a block on Council, then that's the way it rolls. I think she could have won without getting on the Ticket or even as an independent.

Personally I am sorry Holly Edwards is not running again, her credentials with the Community seem impeccable. I hope there are three African-Americans on next election ballot, so we can have some choice in the matter. And Mr. Williams still has a shot after the primary.

On the contribution front, I want candidates who can balance ecology with growth. Besides isn't CWSP a PAC and how much have the given to their candidates in cash and in-kind? Do we want to chase business away from Charlottesville so those of us who have it good now maintain our positions of privilege while folks without jobs have no hope for moving ahead? That's what scares me about the anti-growth ticket headed by Smith. The amounts given to Huja, Beyer, and Galvin are so small as to be inconsequential. But we know the Troika will be beholden to Norris for 4 years if elected.

Vote Galvin, Huja, Beyer or Halfaday on Satuday for an independent and balanced Council.

Well this actually might not be helpful. Not been involved with the issues and was thinking of supporting Galvin but Zakos has been a disappointment to those interested in the environment in the area. She seems by some to more interested in her long term influence in the party (which crosses city/county lines of course) than the interests of the city. I am not invested in any candidate but am not satisfied with Zakos. REal dissapointment to the city. Don;t know if others feel this way but she would be really good at the same position in the COUNTY.

@Citizren Party: Your logic is astounding. The people who take money from developers will be unbiased because they take money from developers? And those who refuse to are somehow more biased? By the way, Dede Smith is not anti-growth. She is simply smarter about it.
Vote Smith, Blount, and Cannon.

And by the way, Citizen: With your logic, Galvin and Huja will be beholden to Szakos if elected. God help us there.

All I can say is Szakos didn't start that ball rolling. I don't think she wanted to come out and endorse candidates but when the Mayor got involved in running a ticket, that's what started it. David brown didin't want to either but i bet he supports Huja and Galvin by now.

Vote Galvin, Huja, Halfaday or Beyer

David Brown is probably the shadiest politician in town. His support for Huja or Galvin ought to act more as a warning than anything else.

"Citizen Party"- perhaps the council should consist of members representing the percentage of those who make up of the folks they represent. Wouldn't that be fairer to all the constituents rather than those on the council trying to "stack the deck"?

HarryD, The idea behind our form of government is that the person(s) who gets the most votes wins, therefore the council should consist of those people.

If voters are moved by the endorsement of someone who is on council already, then they are completely free to vote as that person suggests, or not. Nothing in our system does nor should there be anything to prevent a sitting politician from endorsing a candidate in any race.

I'm no fan of Norris, so his endorsement is entirely neutral to me. Szakos is a dimwit, and I as I noted above, Brown is the shadiest politician around, so their endorsement are negatives to me. Only someone who is afraid of democracy would see any of their endorsements as "stacking the deck."


"Saywha"- Thank you for the 'form of government' update. I was repsonding to "Citizen Party" ( "I hope there are three African-Americans on next election ballot, so we can have some choice in the matter.")

and the reign of terror continues...........

HarryD , anything to help a brother in need...

re:"Dem August 15th, 2011 | 1:24pm

Guess Kristin wants to be our next Mayor. What do you think Charlottesville are you ready for Mayor Szakos ?"

Sounds like the answer is a resounding "yes".

The hook's article a couple of weeks ago about the water supply appears to have swayed exactly zero voters. All the talk about 'conflict of interest' ignored the fact that Hawes Spencer has a conflict of interest when writing an article about Brian Wheeler; he is a competitor.

The people have spoken and all the emotional bluster of the myopic nimbyists matters not at all.

"saywha?"- sure- I am stil lwaiting (since August 17th) for anyone to tell me anything that anyone on the current council has done for anyone but themselves (keeping their power) without some sort of payback to someone else for a vote.

Come on- anyone? Anything?

Also, remember, we do not elect public officials to think- they are elected to do what we want them to do and what they promised to do- definately, not to think.

"Dem"- I think Ms. Szakos should run for President of the US- She has all the credentials- including actually writing two books on community organizing.................a stint in Hungary for a year makes her an international policy maker too

I donated a small amount to X running for nomination in the City using "Actblue" the online Democratic donation website. Within a few days I got several emails asking me to donate to Dems in Wisconsin, the site itself, etc. I finally had to click "Spam" on the D. thing to shut it up. At the Dem vote Saturday the 20th they asked for address, email, telephone (which I gave to vote). But you better not use it to call me or email me, I gave it to vote not to be bombarded with give give...

The story slated to run on the amazing victory of the Trioka must be on hold as i can't get any information on the results of the firehouse vote . It must have been a stunning success for Heir Mayor Norris and his fellow new wave Bunker dwellers . There is an unconfirmed rumour that he is there raving incoherently in the bunker with only Dede .Reminds a person of Adolf and Eva back in Berlin still fighting the battle . How does that go ? Be careful what you wish for LOL LOL . The victory owe's a Thanks in great part to the amazing revelation story in the Hook claiming that the new earthen dam will NOT increase the available water supply to C'ville LOL LOL LOL . Now where is that headline news flash story on Saturday's vote ?

Frank Speaker: Huja, Galvin and Dede Smith won council nominations. Llezelle Dugger won circuit court nomination.

You must really be out of touch with the local media if you couldn't find this.

I was trying to make the point that the Hook is remiss in not at least publishing the results . After months of shamless boosting the Norris Bunker Trioka slate the story disappears right after the primary . Not even a box score .

Possibly, there is quite a bit that Frank is out of touch with.

I freely admit i am out of touch with the idea that a big dam doesn't provide more available water . Many other folks in the world including beaver must be out of touch with that concept also as they have been building dams for centuries to store water .

A dam doesn't provide water. At best it makes a place to hold it. The unanswered question is how that water is going to get to a place that the dam might hold it and at what cost.