Route 29 & Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, Virginia
• 2,000,000 square feet
• A mixed-use development located in award-winning Charlottesville, Virginia – "the  Napa of the East Coast"
• An elegant mix of Main Street retail, residential living, Class A office, and boutique hotel
• Located at the intersection of Hydraulic Road and Route 29 – the major retail corridor of Charlottesville
• 61,000 cars per day pass the site on Route 29/Seminole Trail
• Two million tourists visit the area each year – wineries, golf, Monticello and UVA are the highlights. –The Shops at Stonefield, Edens & Avant
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With all the architects, urban planners, a world class University with a highly ranked architect school, and dozens of paid planning staff both in the city and county - I am shocked by the mess we have created as an entrance to " award -winning Charlottesville, Virginia."

Stonefield is an Albemarle County baby. Is city planning even involved?

And how about saying a "world class university with a highly ranked alcohol reputation?"

I hope that Stonefield will help reduce the traffic in that area. It is pretty bad!

"Stonefield" is being built on an ancient Holy site. A 1000 year curse will fall on all who enter there...

The amount of whining that happens in this town is astounding.

Yeah, I can't wait until we have all those other stores like Pottery Barn and Aber Crumble and Finches. That way we can really look like every single other shopping area in the country. Awesome. Hopefully someday we can tear up the downtown mall and put another Walmart down there.

How long ago was it that there was no Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, 14 car dealerships......and not much around the old Comdial and current Sperry buildings. Those two buildings were the outskirts of town, as I recall.

So stop yer bitchin'- it is all revenue driven from sales tax to bringing in newbees to contribute to future tax revenues................

which means it is politically driven- "look what I brought you!"

People will shop there because that is what we are stuck with.