Friendly skies: Making calls to the cosmos

Lisette Larkins has been communicating with extraterrestrials since 1987. The good news, she says, is that they’re not out to dominate or destroy us. On the contrary, they are available for counseling and mentoring the human race, with the goal of saving us from our bad selves.
“Scientists have proved that there are billions of galaxies, and while I’ve met only a small portion of the life there, I’m confident that 99 percent are evolved and enlightened and peaceful,” Larkins says.
People who recount tales of alien abduction and terror are probably misinterpreting the motives of their “captors,” she says. “We get what we expect. The soul does have expectations, but the mind is not always aware.”
For that reason, Larkins advocates exercising your soul to have better expectations. It’s one of 11 steps she lays out in her new book, Calling On Extraterrestrials, to provide us with a better cosmic calling card.
“The knowing of us is the gateway to the Universe!” claim the ET’s whose conversations have been transcribed in the book.
But don’t get visions of an intergalactic space portal-– these messengers are decidedly earthly in their spiritual dogma. In fact, they’re essentially good Christians from way out of town. They refer to themselves as “brethren” and often speak in familiar parables. Larkin suggests that Jesus himself may well have been a shape-shifting extraterrestrial, as well as Gandhi and Buddha.
“I come from my own ability, vocabulary, and education, and, yes, I am limited by that vocabulary,” she says, suggesting that if she were more left-brain, her alien friends might expose themselves to her as a supernova or other scientific phenomena.
Larkins travels internationally teaching people how to introduce themselves to paranormal guests, and she’s prepared for skepticism and ridicule. Even among groups inclined to sympathize (like those who attend her seminars) Larkins says most people will wait till she’s in the parking lot to approach her with personal questions.
Happily, she has found a welcoming environment in Charlottesville, where she has lived for a year, and particularly at her workplace, Hampton Roads Publishing. Even her other-worldly mentors congratulated her on landing the job of sales director at the alternative press; when she confided doubts about the market for her latest book, the ET’s replied, “Hampton Roads has published many wonderful books that aren’t necessarily embraced by mainstream America.”
… but are perhaps lining bookshelves in galaxies beyond.

Lisette Larkins offers her seminar, “11 Steps to Inviting Your Own UFO Encounters” Friday, July 18, at the Quest Bookshop. 619 Main St. 7pm.  295-3377.

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