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Where's Waldo?
From the Appalachian Trail to the Today Show to the White House, there's just no predicting where Waldo Jaquith will pop up next. Get to know the man who learned to read by age two and is now an Obama administration anointed Champion of Change and recipient of a six-figure grant that'll help us all understand state law.

Back in 1998, James Gilbert Stearns videotaped UVA coeds changing in a dorm, and a year later he was caught flashing– an act he's repeated several times. His most recent arrest proves his peeping problem hasn't lessened, but will he be taken off the street for good? 

Who's the boss?
Some doctors prefer the autonomy of their own practice, but Dr. Hook says the pleasures of a flexible schedule are outweighed by the stress of insurance claims and billing. He extols the unexpected virtues of working for "the man."

MJH's move
On the eve of Martha Jefferson Hospital's long awaited move to Pantops, Charlottesville native Carroll Trainum recalls, even as he sings its virtues, how the hospital gobbled his historic neighborhood.

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Waldo at home
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